Niche Article Directories: What Can You Benefit from Them?

Friends are never enough in marketing. There are plenty of other people who are willing to offer guidance and help to increase your website’s popularity. Among these are article directory websites. In particular, a niche article directory will give you more advantages. What’s a niche article directory? It is a web directory allowing the publication of content of similar field in their site. In return, it will allow the promotion of your website but only at the end of your article. You get the opportunity to promote your site while niche article directories benefit from your content.

Here are some benefits of niche article directories:

  • Niche article directories can help gain link popularity. Writers are allowed to put a link to their sites in the resource box at the end of each article. More articles could mean more backward links that point to your site. This will eventually increase your website’s link popularity.
  • Good exposure can also be obtained in using niche article directories. Website owners wanting additional content will visit these directories to get content. The constant flow of visitors will give your articles more exposure that it wouldn’t get from your website. In addition, should they decide to publish your article in their own website, they are not allowed to change anything in the article. The link in the article’s resource box will remain intact and you have another webmaster that links to your website.
  • If visitors like what you write, it becomes easier to convince them to buy products or services from your site, higher sales conversion. They will become grateful that you have shared your knowledge and they have come across such wonderful article piece. You will be seen as an expert on your field helping your audience instead of a mushy marketer offering inferior products.
  • Since niche article directories offer content of similar fields, they attract like-minded. For example, niche article directories that offer content in the finance field will not attract visitors seeking to lose weight. The end result are more interested visitors viewing your article about finance. These visitors give a lot of business value than general web surfers.
  • There are lesser categories in niche article directories. Visitors will not find it hard to look for something they need. For publishers, this can enable your article to outshine others. You will have less competition in attracting visitor’s attention.
  • Niche article directories need to approve limited numbers of articles because they specialize in one field. This allows them to faster approvals and publishing of articles with fewer errors unlike big general article directories that need to approve hundreds or thousands or articles in a day.
  • Best of all, you get to submit your content to these article directories at no cost at all. That means you get to have free advertising to promote your own site, be regarded and respected as an expert in your field, increase your link popularity and derive more visitors to your website.

Article Roster is a great article directory you can go try out.


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Using Article Directories for Free Promotion

If you want more ways of promoting your website, why not try article directories? Article directories permit webmasters to gather and post articles and these directories provide a multitude of benefits to them.

Here are some of the benefits of article directories:

1. Little or no advertising budget needed.

One common problem addressed by article directories and webmasters is the promotion of the website on a very tight or even no budget at all. Submitting your articles in these article directories will allow others to be able to use your article and promote traffic to your site. If you submit good articles, not only will your website’s traffic increase, but a good number of return visitors as well.

2. Site popularity boost.

If you want to be established as an expert in your field, submitting your articles in article directories is one sure way to get there. Other webmasters will read, review and use your articles all over the world. You’ll soon hear your name becoming well known and well respected as knowing your craft and an expert in their business. So you will get to advertise your skills/knowledge for free and get to build your reputation as an authority in your industry simply by submitting your works in article directories.

3. Multiplicity.

One article is not just a single “effect” when it gets submitted to article directories. This free exposure when you use article directories can create a number of chain effects when it gets passed on especially through word of mouth. If you write good articles, there is a greater tendency of it appearing in a number of websites and web visitors will see and appreciate your knowledge on the field. The recognition of your work will cause a greater desire to get more of what you offer.

4. Old style modernized.

When you use article directories, you can get the benefits of the old approach of pyramid selling. What’s even better is that it would cost you nothing. Promotion from one webmaster could lead to three to five others who will see it and use your article too. Each of those three to five post can create three to five more and so on and so forth.

5. Website traffic.

Adding working hyperlinks to your biography can help boost the traffic to your own website. By insisting that the webmasters add your biography and some working hyperlinks with your article, their web visitors that gets interested in your articles can learn a little more about you and would know where to find you if they want more of what you offer. By simply clicking on the agreed hyperlink, they can instantly go to your site and help increase your website’s traffic.

6. More views generation.

Article directories allow webmasters to link up with popular websites to gain more traffic. A lot of popular sites that can generate hundred thousands of views per month, literally! These views can help increase traffic to your site or even better; create increase in direct traffic to your website.

7. Source for webmasters.

Sometimes, webmasters don’t have enough time to create new web content or the sometimes run out creative ideas for their site. These article directories are one good source of content that they can use. There is a wide variety of choices and they can choose what best suits their website’s theme.

8. Boost website ranking.

Article directories can help your website improve in link popularity and therefore boost your website’s ranking in different search engines. If you have more links on different sites in the internet that points back to your own website, then there is a greater possibility of ranking higher. So as your articles gets distributed all over the internet, you will not only gain popularity and be established in your field, but the rating that you get from search engines will parallel your popularity or could even increase.

9. Good quality and improving articles.

These article directories allow you to post your articles and have a certain criteria to make sure they are of good quality. Of course, you yourself would like well written articles that showcase your skills and knowledge. If readers are able to get more information from these well written articles, they will become more interested in your work. They will continually desire for your expert opinions/views and therefore await your latest writings.

10.  Continuous content creation.

Once you have your visitors’ attention through these article directories, your next move is to keep the interested by providing materials that they like. The most efficient and easiest way to do this is to continuously write fresh and new articles and submit them to article directories on a regular basis. This way, the benefits of using article directories can be maximized and you will reap more and more of the other benefits stated above.

Read more about article directories at my Goarticles page and try out Article Roster.

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Making Use of Article Directories

Heard about article directories? They say it would benefit to submit your articles to these directories but first you need to understand what they really are.

A database website that collects, compiles, sorts articles into categories and makes them available to public is an article directory. In these directories, the public can access and read or reprint the articles for free based on specific guidelines.

Nowadays, there are a lot of article directories and most offer free memberships.

And this is a good thing for webmasters too. They look for content to share and these directories are perfect for a one-stop “deposit and withdrawal” of articles.

For an author, it would be pointless to write articles and keep them as there are millions of readers that could benefit from a single article.

And getting your articles distributed across the internet is through these directories.

Here are some good reasons to do so:

1. Be an expert.

The more articles you write about the area that you specialize in, the more you’ll get exposed and people will see you as an expert in that field.

There are directories that list the top contributors and when people see your name along that list, they will perceive that you know what you are talking about.

2. Free advertisement.

Ezine owners and web publishers are always looking for fresh and quality content so give them what they want. Where do they get it? Most webmasters get it from article directories.

If you are able to write good articles, publishers will be more than willing to forward them to their mailing lists. A single article blast can help you reach more than thousands of readers, FOR FREE!

Of course, directory owners do their own marketing of their directory. So your article could be a part of the marketing campaign too.

3. Marketing tool.

Some article directory owners partner with webmasters to facilitate the distribution of articles to a lot of websites. One article that you submit to the directory could potentially be seen in several other websites. The technology is called Really Simple Syndication or RSS and its power is amazing. Big websites pick up and most probably post your articles on their own sites.

Others will pick up the articles then forward it to others who in turn forward it more, a greater possibility of a hundred more sites having your article in a matter of days.

4. Generate traffic.

Established directories could receive massive hits from Yahoo and Google because of the contents. This is why the search engines love them. You can use the traffic of these directories by submitting your articles in their databases. Visitors of the directories could be able to read your articles.

Have a website to promote and put a link back to your own website in a signature file or author box at the end of your articles.

5. Sales generation.

If you have established a good name in your field, people reading your articles will start listening to you. Referring the readers to any product would look like any kind of sales talk. It would look simply like a suggested solution to their problem but you should be careful with the way the recommendation is presented. Article directory owners don’t like flagrant advertisements in articles.

No website of your own? Then these article directories could be your website, for free.

Just don’t forget to include your contact information and special instructions for people who would like to contact you.

Try submitting your articles to article directories and feel the above stated benefits eventually. Here are a few directories you can start with, if you don’t have one yet.

Happy Writing!

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